Better Gutters for the New Year… with YOUR Help!

View of the trough of the wooden gutters in vicinity of the visible failure

This spring, we contracted with Olde Mohawk Historic Preservation – a highly respected preservation consulting firm based in Melrose, Massachusetts – to conduct a thorough assessment of our two buildings’ short- and long-term restoration needs.

They diagnosed an array of needed repairs, ranging from immediate fixes to ten-year preservation projections. We are grateful to the Cummings Foundation for funding this invaluable analysis.

Wooden gutter failure at scarf joint and miter locations in need of repair


The consultants identified the deteriorating condition of the wooden gutters on both buildings as requiring urgent attention. Linear failure has caused some sections of the gutter wood to rot, and a couple of miter joints on the mansion’s gutters have failed over time. Regrettably, the gutters were further damaged by this fall’s heavy rain storms. The work on the mansion is complicated by its unique gutter profile, which requires that replaced sections and wooden patches be hand fabricated to ensure the new material matches the original.

Once the gutters on both buildings are repaired, they will be lined with lead to prevent future damage. This work – estimated at just under $10,000 – is currently underway, targeted for completion before winter sets in.

Your donation to help support this work – of any amount – will make a difference. Thank you for considering our special request to contribute to this important preservation project.

Donating to Royall House & Slave Quarters

Making a donation will help maintain the only surviving freestanding slave quarters in the Northern states and one of the finest colonial-era buildings in New England. You will also be supporting innovative educational programs that explore the meanings of freedom and independence in the era of the American Revolution.

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